Community Based Social Marketing

Listening And Documenting Resident Feedback

Community based Social Marketing is a crucial element in knowing what behaviors motivate people to embrace diversion and recycling so they can make a difference. For this project S-Cubed went to Grocery Stores, Schools, and Transfer Sites (where residents congregate) to encourage them to complete an online survey and gather their opinions about their waste and recycling programs. The residents provided feedback about their current programs which really highlighted their awareness (or lack of awareness in some cases) about the waste and recycling programs in their neighborhoods. This information was then used to implement a program the community could embrace and many felt they were part of the solution!

  • Problem

    Homeowner’s input about waste management is critical if they are to be part of the solution


    If you build it they will come worked for the movie field of dreams. In this community, going to where residents congregate was the best strategy to encourage them to complete an online survey and listen to the excitements and disappointments about the changes to their waste collection program.

    Final Results

    Listening and documenting the feedback received from residents about the new program helps people feel like the County cares about their opinion. The information is also used to develop successful marketing and communication strategies to target the audience in the future.

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